BEMS Drama

Hello and Welcome!

Mrs. Melaugh and I are excited to share that we are holding meetings and activities for the BEMS Drama club this spring! Like everything due to COVID, BEMS Drama will look different this year. Much is still to be determined, but here is what we know at this point...

  • All students who participate will NEED TO BE PICKED UP at 4:00 pm. There are no late busses.

  • There will not be full play due to the limits of timing.

  • Our focus will likely be on a one-act, short skits/plays, games, and improvisation.

  • There will be a day for 7/8th grade BE (Tuesdays) and SCOT (Thursdays) cohorts.

  • There will be a Day for 6th graders (Wednesdays).

Once we begin, we likely run for 6-7 weeks, ending the last meet of May/first week of June.

BEMS Drama Club Advisors

Mrs. Melaugh

Mr. Avery

If you are interested in participating with the Drama Club this year but missed the sign-ups, please see Mrs. Melaugh or Mr. Avery prior to joining one of our meetings. We would love to have you join us!