North Newsletter

Our Administration

Ms. Dietz - Principal

Mr. Lingle - Assistant Principal

If you would like to request an appointment with either of our administrators please fill out this form.

North Main Office

Ms. Martin & Ms. DeSpain

Welcome to North Jr High. We wanted to share office policies and procedures with you all so you understand the expectations of the main office. We are here to help and direct you through the school. We have procedures in place for when your student comes to school late, needs to leave early and if you have an item to be dropped at the school for your student.

For Attendance

Please call 208-854-5746 or email

Please do not leave voicemail on the main line for permits to leave or absence excuses.

North Policy and Procedures


BELL SCHEDULE, 2022-2023

Five Minute Bell 7:45 a.m.

One Minute Bell 7:49

1st Period 7:50-8:36 46 minutes

2nd Period 8:40-9:33 53 minutes (Announcements)

BREAK 9:33-9:44 11 minutes

3rd Period 9:48-10:34 46 minutes

4th Period 10:38-11:24 46 minutes

7th/8th Lunch 11:24-12:01 37 minutes

5th Period 11:28-12:14 46 minutes

9th Lunch 12:14-12:51 37 minutes

6th Period 12:05-12:51 46 minutes

7th Period 12:55-1:41 46 minutes

8th Period 1:45-2:31 46 minutes

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