Hillside Girls Basketball


    • Players need to be dressed and ready by the time practice is scheduled to start, whether that is early or late practice.

        • Please refer to the calendar to find out when your team has practice each day.

    • IF you student-athlete is unable to attend a practice please have them inform the coach. You may also email us directly to inform us of any conflicts.

Grade Policy:

    • Hillside is a student first, athlete second school. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our student-athletes are performing in the classroom as well as on the court. Therefore, we will be conducting weekly grade checks.

    • Students with a D will still be allowed to practice and play in the weekly games.

        • However, coaches will be talking with the student to ensure the grade goes up.

    • Students with an F will NOT be allowed to play, but still may attend practices and the game to support their team.

        • Coaches will talk with the student and help create a plan for how the grade will be improved over the course of the week.

Game Time Expectations:

    • Players are dressed and ready to play 30 minutes prior to game

    • No jewelry, watches, or metal hair ties/clips allowed in the game

    • White t-shirts may be worn under the uniform if desired

    • Players are expected to sit on the bench during the entire game

    • Only team members and coaches are allowed on the bench

    • No food or drinks, other than water, at the bench during the game

    • Cell phones are not permitted on the bench or during your team’s game

    • Players, who have finished or are waiting for their game, are representing their team, coaches, and Hillside Jr. High and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly…

          • When one team is playing, the other team is to sit in the stands and cheer for the team on the floor or work on school work

          • Players are expected to use good sportsmanship at all times

          • Players are not permitted to leave the gym area without a teammate and permission from their coach (away games)