District Rules & Procedures



All Federation rules will apply except where noted. A copy of Federation and District rules will be kept at the scorer's table.


The school will furnish a game uniform; all other equipment will be furnished by the player. Religious head coverings DO NOT need to be removed during games.


There will be 4 girls’ teams and 4 boys’ teams at each school. Team selections cannot be made prior to the second day of practice. Every 7th and 8th grade student turning out for basketball must be placed on a team and must PLAY IN EVERY GAME OF THE REGULAR SEASON. Note: This rule does not apply to the city tournament.


  • A city tournament will be held for 7th/8th and 9th grade boys and girls varsity basketball teams.
  • Due to safety concerns and the liability factor, cutting down the nets at the conclusion of the championship game is not allowed.



1. 9th and 7th/8th Varsity (A) teams will play four eight-minute periods.

2. 9th Varsity teams will consist of at least 12 players.

3. There will be three (3) 7th/8th grade teams (A, B, and C). Schools with 52 or more players are required to start the season with a minimum of 12 players on the A team, 20 players on the B team and the remaining players on the C team. Schools with 36-51 players to start the season should have 12 players on the A team, and the B and C teams will be split evenly. Schools with 35 or less players will be split into 3 even teams.

4. Coaches of the first game should stay and help where needed during the second game.

5. Teams will be afforded a 13-minute warm-up time. Time may be reduced if both Head Coaches agree.

6. Every team member must play in every game. Failure to follow this procedure will result in a forfeit. In 7th/8th A, every team member must play in each half of every regular season game. This rule does not apply to the city tournament.

7. Home teams will supply basketballs for game and warm-ups.

8. The home school will be the official scorer.

9. In the event of a tie, league standings will be determined by head to head competition, top down, then a coin toss.

10. 9th grade and 7th/8th Varsity (A) teams will abide by IHSAA rules pertaining to the mercy rule. The clock will run in the 4th quarter when one team leads by 30 or more points.

11. In case of a tie, there will be a 4-minute overtime period, with normal clock.

12. In the City Tournament, the team on TOP of the bracket will be the HOME team.



Federation rules will apply unless noted as stated below:

1. All players who do not make the A team will be allowed to play on either the B or C basketball teams.

2. B and C basketball games will consist of eight five-minute periods. The clock will stop on all

shooting violations, time-outs, and the last two minutes of the game. If both participating C

teams have large teams, coaches may agree to play two additional periods.

3. Teams will shoot one and one on the seventh foul. The double bonus will be in effect after 10

team fouls.

4. In case of a tie, there will be a 2-minute overtime period, with normal clock.

5. In case of a tie in the overtime period, there will be a sudden death play-off. The sudden death period will begin with a jump ball. The first team to score a two-point advantage will win.

6. In the 7th/8th C game, there will be no back-court pressure.

7. In the 7th/8th B game, full court pressure will be allowed until one team is ahead by 10 or more points. The team that is leading may not press. The team that is behind may press. If a team is warned twice, a technical violation will be called on the next infraction.

8. The home school will be the official scorer.

9. The C team may split into separate, but equal teams if there are 31 or more players. A C player may only play on one of the C teams.

10. Teams with 30 or less players MAY NOT substitute during a period except for an injury or a player fouling out/ejection.

11. No player may play more than one period more than any other player.

12. Coaches WILL play person to person defense only (no zone defense). This includes any press defense.

13. Team in possession of ball at the end of a quarter remains in possession at the start of the next quarter/period. Use “possession arrow” to start 2nd half (beginning of 5th period).

14. If agreed upon by both Athletic Directors, the consequence for failing to adhere to the above rules may result in a forfeit.