Hillside Tennis

  • 7th Grade Tennis - begins 8/18 after school at 245

  • 8th Grade Tennis - begins 2/27 after school at 245

  • 9th Grade Tennis - begins 4/10 after school at 245

See below for more information - check Calendar tab as well

Welcome to Hillside Junior High tennis!

Tennis is a great life-time sport that gets kids active. No experience is needed, just the desire to learn how to play this great sport. At this level we offer an opportunity for young student-athletes to learn how to play tennis and build upon skills they may already have acquired.


    • Rackets can be brought from home or borrowed from the school.

    • Uniforms (shorts/shirt) are provided for matches.

    • Tennis shoes are a must when on the court. No flip-flops, boots, etc.

Grade Policy:

    • Hillside is a student first, athlete second school. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our student-athletes are performing in the classroom as well as on the court. Therefore, we will be conducting weekly grade checks.

    • Students with a D will still be allowed to practice and play in the weekly games.

        • However, coaches will be talking with the student to ensure the grade goes up.

    • Students with an F will NOT be allowed to play, but still may attend practices and the game to support their team.

        • Coaches will talk with the student and help create a plan for how the grade will be improved over the course of the week.