Boise School Social Workers

School Social Work

School Social Workers bring unique knowledge and skills to the school system and the student services team. School Social Workers are trained mental health professionals who can assist with mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, positive behavioral support, academic and classroom support, consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators as well as provide individual and group counseling. 

Boise Independent School District has 14 talented Social Workers who assist building staff, students and families.  Services they provide:



If you need to contact your School Social Worker, please see below:

Alicia Juarez

Schools: Whittier, Horizon, and Valley View
alicia.juarez@boiseschools.orgOffice: 208-854-6919

Amy Rust

Schools: Frank Church and BASE
amy.rust@boiseschools.orgText at: 208-918-2624Office: 208-472-3079

Andrea Geraghty

Supervisor of Social Work and Community Mental Health PartnershipsOffice: 208-472-3074andrea.geraghty@boiseschools.orgMy Website - Click Here

Barbie Campbell

Schools: West, Grace Jordan, Amitybarbie.campbell@boiseschools.orgOffice: 208-854-6849

Becky Woodland

Schools: Borah, Hillsiderebecca.woodland@boiseschools.orgText at: 406-848-4925Office: 208-854-6916My Website - Click Here

Gia Trotter

Schools: South, Fairmontgia.trotter@boiseschools.orgText at: 208-917-2117Office: 208-900-7031

Jana Mansfield

Schools: Garfield, Capitaljana.mansfield@boiseschools.orgOffice: 208-472-2239 My Website- Click Here 

Jennifer Young

Schools: EXCEL at Amity, Grace Jordan, Hawthorne, Koelsch, Fairmont, Jefferson, Lowell, Mtn. View, Riverside, and Southjennifer.young@boiseschools.orgOffice and Text: 208-850-8895

Katy Metzger

Schools: Timberline, White Pine, Les Bois, Owyheekaty.metzger@boiseschools.orgText: 208-918-1252Office: 208-900-7255 

Sherry Tipping

Schools: Boise, North, BOSsherry.tipping@boiseschools.orgText at: 208-907-6517Office: 208-854-4290

Valerie Haddon

Schools: ASCENT, EXCEL at Boise, Capital, East, Timberline, Riverglen; and STEPvalerie.haddon@boiseschools.orgOffice and Text: 208-850-8836

Michelle Weickum

Schools: Whitney, Riverglen, Hawthorne

Text: 208-918-3481‬

Phone: 208-472-2394

My Website: click here 

Yesenia Tyler

Schools: Taft, Maple Grove, Hillcrest, KoelschOffice: (208) 854-6877

Shawn Jones

Schools: Cynthia Mann, Mountain View, Morley Nelson, East Jr. High

Office: 208-472-3688