Blackboard After-hours Support

Calling After Hours Blackboard Support

Students and faculty with a pressing Blackboard question can now call Blackboard for assistance. This after-hours Blackboard support will be available by telephone:

weeknights – between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. the next morning

weekends – all day and night on Saturdays and Sunday


Blackboard Basics

See these Resilient Teaching Resources that cover Blackboard Basics

Access Your Blackboard Course

Did you know CUNY Central creates a Blackboard course for you every semester, whether you use it or not? Don't worry, the course is empty of content and students cannot access it. Watch this video to learn how to access it.

Make Your Course Available to Students

Now that you've created your Blackboard course, you are ready to make it available to students. Watch this video to learn how.

Make Announcements to Students

A Blackboard Announcement allows you to quickly reach all of your students. With the option to e-mail all students immediately, you can push time-sensitive information to the full class. The announcements are also prominently displayed on the course home page. Watch this video to learn more.

Upload the Syllabus

The syllabus is where your students will find the most important information about your course, including course assignments and schedule, instructor information, rules and guidelines, and lots of other pertinent information to help them succeed. Learn how simple and easy it is to upload a syllabus to Blackboard by watching this video.

Create a Course Information Page

The simplest and most practical thing to create in Blackboard is a Course Information page for your students. You can post the most pertinent and basic information about your course, including course description, contact information, office hours and telephone number. Watch the following video to learn how.

Create Weekly Folders in Course Materials

All of your weekly assignments will go in the Course Materials area. This includes assigned chapter readings, essays, quizzes, and tests ... pretty much everything. Watch the video to learn how to organize your weekly content in folders.

Add Instructions and Weekly Assignments

Watch this video to learn how to add instructions for your students inside the weekly folders.

Attaching Documents or Readings

Learn how to attach documents and assign readings for your students to download or review.


One of the advantages of using Blackboard is you can create assignments and have students submit them directly through the platform. Other advanced videos will show how you can also grade assignments and provide feedback to your students directly in Blackboard. For now, watch the video to learn the basics.


Online discussions are an easy way for the whole class to share information with one another. Start watching this video at minute 17:12 to learn all about how to set up and use discussion.

Here are faculty discussion board instructions in the Blackboard Help Center.

Adding a User to Your Course

This video shows you how to add course observers, reviewers, or a colleague to your course.

How to Create Blackboard Tests

Blackboard Tests are fairly complex to set up, but they are a powerful tool for administering timed tests with a variety of question types. For multiple-choice, true-false, and matching questions, Blackboard will auto-grade student responses. Click here for detailed instructions for using a test generator to create questions.

Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is a web conferencing/webinar platform designed for use in online teaching. Course rooms include a collaborative whiteboard tool that allows you to interact with peers and your instructor in real time, as well as file (for example, PowerPoint slides) and screen sharing. See this Blackboard Help page or our E-Learning Workshops for more.

How to record using Collaborate

  1. Watch this video to learn the basics of recording with Collaborate.

  2. Follow this link for step-by-step instructions on how to record using Blackboard's Collaborate Ultra or watch this excellent video.

  3. Read the following web page for instructions how to download, add captions, and deleting recordings.


The best way to contact the E-Learning Center is via email:


For Email, CUNYfirst or BMCC Portal assistance contact the Service Desk: