Private Lessons

Want to get an edge on the competition? Private lessons are available to all athletes (club and non-club members) and all levels of ability. Private lessons are the best opportunity for your child to work more closely with our coaches, and focus on a particular dive or skill set. We will provide specific, relevant instruction, and actionable feedback to help your diver progress! 

Private lesson fees:

To schedule a lesson:

Please contact Shawn Austin by email at or call (585) 245-3438.  

Blue Wave Programs

Lessons Program

The Blue Wave Diving Lessons Program is for all levels of divers! We have a lessons program for beginner to intermediate-level divers and a program for advanced to elite-level divers.  This program is perfect for high school divers looking for a little extra help before or during their high school season or for divers who can't attend regular lessons with Blue Wave Diving. Divers in this program will attend regularly scheduled lessons and will also have access to all the diving equipment available in our other programs, including our dry-land facility. Divers wishing to purchase 5 or 10 lessons in advance will receive a discount. We also offer cash discounts.

All divers in our program must register with Blue Wave Diving and the Amateur Athletic Union to participate.

Lesson Locations and Times:

Lesson and membership fees:
*Lesson packs must be used within 120 days of purchase*

AAU Membership: $15/year

Blue Wave Ripples Team

The Ripples program is for kids ages 6 - 18 with little or no prior diving experience. Ripples-level lessons include instruction of basic diving skills on 1M and 3M springboards in a fun and structured environment. Divers will learn forward and back jumps as well as lineups in the different diving positions. They will also learn the forward approach, back press, and will begin basic twisting mechanics. This level will progress to learning the basic dives in all directions. Divers from this program may advance to the Rogues program and compete in FINA competition-level events when they have met the competition requirements for their age group.

Ripples divers have the opportunity to attend up to three, 60-minute lessons per week. 

Level 1 Ripples Introductory Requirements

Level 2 Ripples Beginner Requirements

Lesson Locations and Times:

Ripples quarterly (3 months) team fees:
September-November, December-February, March-May, & June-August

AAU Membership: $15/year

Blue Wave Rogues Team

The Blue Wave Rogues program is for intermediate to advanced-level divers. Divers in this program have either progressed through our Ripples program or have the skills required to participate in this program. Divers who are training for their High School seasons will typically join this program.

Rogue divers may attend up to three, 90-minute lessons per week. 

Level 3 Rogues Novice Requirements

Level 4 Rogues Intermediate Requirements

Lesson Locations and Times:

Rogue quarterly (3 months) team fees:
September-November, December-February, March-May, & June-August

AAU Membership: $15/year