Blue Wave Diving has the best springboard diving training facility in New York State! Our facility has spotting rigs over a trampoline, dry board, and wet rigs over our 1m and 3m springboards. Our facility is also equipped with a somersaulting simulator, a portable dive station, a portable bubbler system, and the state-of-the-art video replay system, PoolSide Live. We have all the equipment necessary to accelerate the learning of new dives in the safest way possible and it's all located on-site, so our divers have access to all of our equipment at every practice!

SUNY Geneseo Alumni Pool

  • 2 - 1 Meter Maxiflex Model B Springboards on Durafirm Stands

  • 3 Meter Maxiflex Model B Springboard on Durafirm Stand

  • Wet spotting belts over 1M and 3M springboards

  • Portable Diving Station

  • Portable Bubbler system

  • Somersaulting Simulator

  • 2 - PoolSide Live Video Systems

  • 1 Meter Wooden Platform

  • 80" LCD for diving scoreboard and video review

  • 20' X 11' Indoor Full Color LED Matrix Scoreboard

Blue Wave Dryland Facility

  • 6' X 10' Trampoline w/ Overhead Spotting Rig

  • Dry-board w/ 5' X 10' Landing Pit and Overhead Spotting Rig

  • Platform Station

  • Spotting Banners at each station

  • Equipped with PoolSide Live video system

  • 3 - Sets of pull-up bars

  • 2 - Sets of Stall Bars

  • 6' x 6' Kasuto landing mat

  • Gymnastics Mat with a Grippy Gym Carpet Top