"Study the science of art.

Study the art of science.

Develop your senses - learn how to see.

Realize that everything connects to everything else."

-Leonardo DaVinci


Bloom is a constructivist school inspired by Reggio Emilia with a strong mission to return nature back to childhood.  We are grounded in social-emotional learning and conscious parenting philosophies. 

In our rich environment you can expect to see giggles and messy play, curiosity and problem solving, comfortable routine and novel explorations. Children spend most of their time outdoors interacting freely with each other and pursuing cognitive curiosity. 

Teachers support children by creating engaging and varied enviroments that engage the whole child. We observe children's play and look for opportunities to deepen their understanding and develop curiosity, creativity, problem solving, persistence and communication. Our ratio of 6:1 allows children to be meaningfully supported.

Children's pursuits lead to collaboration in projects between children, teachers and our larger community.

We believe that today's learning needs to focus on how to think, not what to think.  As we allow time for children to develop these skills, we see the process unfold.