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An appointment for what?

You know the content, I know the technology. Let's work together!

Educators are on the front line when it comes to facilitating students' access to information and education. If you want to teach a lesson that integrates technology, that's where I come in. We can work together to brainstorm apps, plan lessons/assessments, or even co-teach a lesson in your content area with a layer of technology that will enable students to access different modalities in your classroom.

Making an appointment

You can check my availability calendar and book a time below.

Simply find a time when you would like to work together - whether to plan a lesson, to teach a lesson, or just to chat - click the time slot to book an appointment, and fill out the appropriate information. We can meet in a location that works best for you!

(You might want to bookmark my appointment calendar directly for future reference!)

You can drop into my office.

My office is located inside the fishbowl in the Library. If I'm not there, leave a message!

I will be available there daily during 6th period, as well as during Wednesday Activity Periods.

You can call me.

My extension is 4323. Feel free to leave a message!

Or you can simply send me an email!