Tech Coach

George Agens

What is a Tech Coach?

As educators, we face constant pressure to model and assess 21st Century skills in the classroom. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) notes that "technology coaches bridge the gap from where we are to where we need to be." The job of a tech coach is to work with and support teachers in using technology with their students. My role is help you help your students.

You can read more about the idea of tech coaching in this article. It recounts the experiences of a classroom teacher and technology coach in South Carolina. Integrating technology into your teaching can seem daunting, but together we can make it work!

How does this affect you?

At Bloomfield High School, collaboration is key! We can work together to plan and/or teach lessons that integrate technology for the benefit of the lesson rather than for the sake of technology. I am also available to answer questions related to educational technology and its general use. Additionally, I will be offering sessions on various aspects/features of educational technology and ways to use it in your classroom.

Put another way, I AM HERE FOR YOU!

An example:

Let's say you're teaching American History. Next week, you'll be teaching your tried-and-true lesson/lecture on the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. Students might not enjoy it, but hey, it is certainly important stuff. But, what if they were able to explore an exhibit from The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History without having to leave the classroom? There, they would be able to explore primary documents and listen to diary entries from African-American soldiers who served. What if they could watch a clip of Glory and answer questions utilizing textual evidence in the form of timestamped video references? What if they were given the option to listen to a Podcast and discuss their thoughts and findings with students from around the world on Twitter? Students would likely want to learn even more about what they previously would have deemed "less than enjoyable."

My point is that there are many different ways that students can access information, so we should give them that opportunity. Students are natural learners, let's let them learn!

So, make an appointment, or check my session calendar to get started on this new pedagogical journey!

Alice Keeler, a leading voice in ed-tech, knows that the learning, not the technology, should be the focus:


Let me know!

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  • You can also pop into my office inside the Media Center, or call me at X4323 with any questions!

Who am I?

Hi! My name is George and I am very excited to be working as Bloomfield High School's first ed-tech coach! I am a father, a husband, an educator, and a technology enthusiast. As a classroom teacher, my subject area was English Language Arts, but now, I'm looking forward to this new adventure in education! Let's work together and do great things!