Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen - Tropico Division 660 was established in 1904 and was know as the "Tropico Division" named after a small town in Southern California located in what is now Glendale.


Some History of the Tropico Division and the Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad


Frederick C. Gamst


"One 1910's hoghead told me that, back before full UP ownership in 1921, some main track was so rough-riding that when you 'went on the ground' and bumped along the ties, the ride became smother"

Fredrick C. Gamst

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"What Was Working on the Railroad Like? In 1905, the U.S. fatality rate per 1,000 trainmen was 8.1 individuals and the injury rate was 121.5 individuals (or 13 percent of trainmen were casualties, per year). (Today, the casualty rate is a hairsbreadth of that amount.) As mournfully recited to me by an aged brakeman:

'Only a coupling pin broken in twain,

Youthful the form that goes back through the rain,

Only the bloody form there on the rail,

Over whose horrors the strongest grow pale.' "

Fredrick C. Gamst

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