Agreement Claims

Processing Denied Claims

  1. On the day you make the claim print out a copy of the working time slip, if your claim was made as a non-service claim print that out also.
  2. Save/make copies of all other relevant information. Call Sheet, List or other instructions any person(s) having knowledge both officers and peers to support your claim.
  3. If you have not given Pay Screen Access to you Local Chairman you will need to provide all information Time Slip, non-Service claim in addition to your Pay Stub showing the Denial. Your Pay Stub showing the Denial is the slip that you receive with your pay check and is also available online Menu>Employee>My Paystubs your Local Chairman does not have access to this even with Pay Screen Access. Paystub Denial is needed for processing your denied claim with the GCA for handling in a claims conference or arbitration.
  4. Outlined below is BLET Division 660 preferred method for handling denied claims. If you follow the procedures below all you will need to provide is your Paystub Denial and any information that supports your claim that your Local Chairman doesn't have access to. It will greatly simplify the claim process, if you don't you will need to provide all necessary information to your Local Chairman for processing.

Preferred Method for Processing Denied Claims

  1. Fill out the Denied Claim Form out online.
  2. You will receive a verification email that we have revived you Claim, this email will also serve as our correspondence of the Claim's activity.
  3. Provide Paystub Denial to Local Chairman along with any other supporting information if necessary.

PDF files are preferred, pictures don't process well. Below are links to a few app's that can produce PDF files using your smart phones camera we suggest you download and learn how to use them. You may also fax your information to 760-780-1132 or use the direct print functionality of our printer and email to any attachments will automatically print.