online registration required

A reminder that you must have an operational EMAIL address before using the Parent Portal. 

You must have an Ascender Portal Account before you begin registration.  

♦If you already have an Ascender Parent Portal Account, please click here to log in: Ascender Parent Portal.   After you log in, follow the on-screen prompts to complete registration. 


♦If you do not see a prompt to begin registration, you must ensure your child is linked to your account.  To link your child to your account, you must obtain a parent portal ID from the campus secretary. Also, your email address for the parent portal must match what we have on file in the student information system.  


♦Here is another guide that may also be helpful:  Ascender Portal Frequently Asked Questions


It will be important to maintain data throughout the year. If you change your phone number, be sure to log in to your portal account and change that information. Once registration is closed, you will be able to click on the maintain data tab.