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For the last 75 years, Israel has been a democratic beacon in the middle east. The country was established around core ideals articulated in its declaration of Independence, which has served until recently as a non- official constitutional document providing the core values by which the country was operating. Based on single parliament (the Knesset) and a coalition based government, the main institution providing Israel's democracy with checks and balances has been its judicial system, and specifically the supreme court.

However, now, this democracy is at rise.

We are facing yet another round of struggle forced upon us by a group that insists on imposing a dictatorship on Israel, and we need your urgent help.

Due to a miserable combination of circumstances, a situation has been created in which a criminal defendant has gathered a group of convicted felons and sycophants cooperating with him. Together with them, he is acting fiercely to ruin Israeli democracy and implement a de facto dictatorial regime in Israel.

This statement is being made by the President of the Supreme Court, the Attorney General, heads of the Shin Bet, heads of the Mossad, as well as ministers and former members of the same defendant's past governments.

The only way to stop the destruction of democracy is to resist these actions, take to the streets, protest, and raise Israeli flags high next to black flags. We must show the citizens, who are feeling depressed due to the situation, that we are numerous and determined, and that together we will fight the regime's coup and prevent the attempt to impose dictatorship in our beloved country.