Analyzing your Business

We are a motivated group of individuals that are looking to solve complex challenges for various businesses. Focusing on CRM and ERP systems, we have been deploying solutions for the Custom Showroom and Manufacturing industry for over a decade.

We have been researching the challenges that are faced by the Custom Interior Design Industry for the past few years and have created a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to solve the industry’s growing demand for streamlining the business processes using the most upto date technology.

In the early stages of setting up a Showroom or any business, you may get along well enough using familiar tools like Excel or post-it notes to track your catalog, customers, sales orders, projects, etc. As your business grows, however, so does its complexity. You will quickly discover that you need more scalable ways to track your customers and transactions to stay competitive.

Here are some signs that the business is growing fast enough and that some structure is needed:

  • Your team does not have a single source of truth

  • Lack of visibility into your sales team’s activities

  • Reporting and Analytics is time-consuming and painful

  • You are losing business since you cannot manage or meet deadlines

  • Large projects are very difficult or time consuming to keep track of

  • You are not staying in touch while on the road

  • You don’t have a plan to scale your business

These are the exactly the pain points that ShowroomCRM addresses. Our solution is very modular and configurable to your business. We are targeting our solutions to individual designers as well as single and multi-line showrooms that serve the industry. Lastly, the solution is easy to setup and use for day to day operations!