LT Lending Library

Make sure the book you want is not already checked out using the calendar below. If there is more than one copy of the book it will say so on the checkout calendar. (Book Title - 1 or 5)

  • Go to
  • Use the Google SSO button to log in
  • Click on Tickets in the left column
  • Click on New Ticket
  • Click on Other Requests
  • Click on Learning Technologies
  • Click on LT - Lending Library Book Checkout
  • Complete the form

Books are checked out for 30 days and travel through interoffice mail.

The following books are available for teachers/administrators to check out and read through the LT Lending Library. Is there a book you'd like us to add? Submit it to us via email for consideration!

Just click the title to learn more about the book. All elementary books come with pre-written lesson plans for your classroom.