Equipment Checkout

BISD teachers can check out BreakoutEDU boxes and Google Expedition headsets from the LT Department.

Google Expedition VR Headsets (40) – Training Required

Google Expedition AR Devices (15) – Training Required

Ricoh Theta V 360 Degree Still/Video Cameras (3) – Training Required

BreakoutEDU Boxes (30) – Training Required

Nexus 7 Tablets for Goosechase (10)

Please check the calendar below to ensure the items you want are available prior to filling out the request form.

Please note - some items CANNOT be checked out unless you've already attended training on the item.

Please log in to the BISD Incident IQ System to request an item:

  • Go to
  • Use the Google SSO button to log in
  • Click on Tickets in the left column
  • Click on New Ticket
  • Click on Other Requests
  • Click on Learning Technologies
  • Click on LT – Equipment Checkout
  • Complete the form