Google Sites for Family Communication

This is an example of a home page.

Typically what goes on a homepage are tips on navigation of the site and the purpose of the site.

As a teacher a great thing to put is your class schedule.

Example from Shelly many moons ago

The above is a Google Drawing Image of tips on how to use Google Sites.

To start your site go to Drive and select Sites or go to

Tools used in creation of this page:

  • Color Pick Eyedropper extension to match colors
  • Drawing for the above Welcome (if I change anything on the Drawing it will automatically change here)
    • REMEMBER if you add anything from your Google Drive to make it Public so everyone can see it
  • Licecap to illustrate how to start the site
  • to shorten and customize the URL of the site
  • Logos from the Noun Project
  • ScreenCastomatic to add a Video Clip to YouTube