Bremen High School District 228 Library Staff

Media Specialists

Mary Rose Bernas,, Bremen High School, IMC Department Supervisor

Kelly Sala,, Bremen High School

Mary Gabel,, Tinley Park High School

Katie Udstuen,, Tinley Park High School

Lisa Walsh,, Hillcrest High School

Kara Williams,, Hillcrest High School

Cheryl Harris-Sumida,, Oak Forest High School

Amanda O'Rourke,, Oak Forest High School

Support Staff

Toni Miller,, Bremen Secretary

Sue Schultz,, Bremen Aide

Pam Verta,, Tinley Park Secretary

Stacey Koepke,, Tinley Park Aide

Hope Smith,, Hillcrest Secretary

Sylvia Maxwell,, Hillcrest Aide

Donna Arentz,, Oak Forest Secretary

Debbie Doyle,, Oak Forest Aide

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