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Elementary Library

Welcome to the Bowling Green R-1 Elementary Library Website! On this page you will find helpful information for both Bowling Green Elementary and Frankford Elementary Libraries!

Hello! I am Victoria LeBeau and I am the Elementary Librarian for Bowling Green Elementary School and Frankford Elementary School!

Contact Information:

Meet Riley Kenney the Assistant Librarian for Bowling Green and Frankford Elementary School. She has been here for three years! Riley is a Bowling Green Alum and we are so happy to have her!

We are starting week two of checkouts at Frankford Elementary on 9/7/22... Do you think we can pass 350? I do!

Frankford Checkouts
BGE Checkouts

WOW! Only one week into checkouts and we have already passed 1,000 books! Keep up the great work BGE Readers!

Elementary Library Mission:

The mission of the Bowling Green Elementary Library is to synergize with students, staff and parents to create lifelong readers, learners, and leaders. This is accomplished by effective instruction, that encourages users to ask questions and think critically, providing access to diverse resources in both print and digital formats, and by offering a physical environment that allows for creative spaces to provide students the opportunity to read, create and think.

Elementary Library Vision:

The vision of the Bowling Green Elementary Library is to create a physical environment that promotes critical thinking creativity, provides up to date resources and allows for opportunities for students and staff to be leaders by synergizing together to build life long learners.

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Library Hours

7:40-3:00 Monday- Friday

BGE: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Frankford: Wednesday

Students visit the library once a week to learn library skills and check out books.