Senior Internship Program

Respect.   Enthusiasm.   Achievement.  Citizenship.  Hard work.

REACH Presentation: All Seniors/December 2023

What is REACH?

The R.E.A.C.H. Senior Internship Program provides an eligible senior with the opportunity to investigate a career, explore an interest, invent a project of his or her design, or extend an existing school project. The senior will be granted permission to leave Beverly High School and work solely on his or her internship from April 22 to May 17, 2024.

Informational Videos about the REACH Process 

Created by Olivia Arenburg, Class of 2022

REACH Ideas.mp4

Need Ideas for REACH?

REACH Panels.mp4

REACH Panels

REACH Exhibition Fair.mp4

REACH Exhibition Fair

BHS wall mural illustrated and painted by Jillian Pelletier, Emily and Olivia Young, Class of 2022 for their REACH Project!

All REACH materials and resources for seniors can be found in the Class of 2024 Advisory Google Classroom

or "reach" out to 

Ms. Ferrara/REACH Coordinator

in Guidance or via email at jferrara@beverlyschools.org