Mam language and culture. Co-instructor. With Silvia Lucrecia Carrillo Godinez and Cristina Mendez. Class website.

Linguistics R1B: Endangered Languages: Why does linguistic diversity matter? Instructor. UC. Berkeley

Linguistics 122: Linguistic Typology. Instructor. UC Berkeley. 

Linguistics 5: Language and Linguistics. Graduate Student Instructor. Professor: Larry Hyman. UC Berkeley. 

Mam language. Co-instructor. With Henry Sales Hernandez. Laney College unofficial free class.

Linguistics 120: Syntax. Graduate Student instructor. Professor: Peter Jenks. UC Berkeley.

Linguistics 100: Introduction to Linguistic Science.  Head Graduate Student Instructor. Professor: Peter Jenks. UC Berkeley. 


Graduate Student Mentor. Linguistics Research Apprentice Practicum (LRAP). UC Berkeley. 2017 - present