Tessa Scott

I am a PhD candidate (5th year) in the Department of Linguistics at UC Berkeley. My main theoretical interests are in syntax, morphology, syntax-phonology interface. Since 2017 I have been doing fieldwork with the diaspora community of Mam speakers in California, mostly from the town of San Juan Atitán (Huehuetenango; Northern Mam). I also work with Mam speaker, teacher, and cultural activist Henry Sales teaching an unofficial free Mam language class at Laney College, and creating other published materials in Mam.

Prior to coming to Berkeley, I completed my BA in linguistics in 2016 at the University of Kansas. Outside of my work, I spend most of my time as a weightlifter. I love drinking coffee, meditating, reading pop science and hanging out with my cat.

A few research topics

Case and Agree

  • Complex probes and satisfaction conditions. Second qualifying paper. UC Berkeley

  • Pronominal licensing and the PCC in Mam. In proceedings from NELS50.

  • Case and Agreement in Mam. Talk at UCSC.

φ-features and pronouns

  • Two types of resumptive pronouns in Swahili. (to appear in Linguistic Inquiry)

  • Inclusivity in Mam morphosyntax. LSA94 poster.

Mam/Mayan ergativity

  • Dialectal Variation in Mam morphosyntax. Talk at UC Berkeley Fieldwork Forum.