Read & Write for Chrome

Why use Read and Write for Google Chrome?

Let's say you have a student who wants to independently research for a project, but is not reading on grade level (maybe because they have a disability, maybe because they are Literacy Tier 2 or Tier 3), they could use this extension (and some headphones) to grasp the content by removing the hurdle of decoding (reading the words).

Let's say you have a student that struggles to write. Maybe they have a fine motor skill issue or they struggle so much with spelling that it makes their word choice anemic.... or they have a disability. They could use the speech to text tool for some of their prompts or journaling. Willowbrook used this tool and found that students' handwritten writing prompts actually improved after using this tool consistently because they had so much practice focusing on the content of their writing (since it took away the hurdle of the act of writing)!!

I'm sure there are a myriad of different ways it could be used that are just as helpful, but I wanted to encourage you to jump in there for our kids that need some modifications!

Leslie Lyons- Old High Principal