Mrs. Pressel's Awesome Math Class

Welcome to Math class.  

I am Mrs. Pressel, and I will be your teacher.  I am looking forward to getting to know each of my students, as we explore the world of math.  We will be using Google Classroom throughout the year. Below you will find a list of materials you will need, or will be useful for this class. There is also a list of my expectations for every student in my room.  If you follow these expectations, class will be much more enjoyable for everyone, and you will be almost certain to succeed in class. I am excited about the year ahead, and wish you all success.


Basic Expectations

but I DO expect you to TRY everything.

Absence – When you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed, and make arrangements to complete the work you missed.  If you return on the day of a test, quiz, or other exam, you will be expected to take the test, quiz, or exam as scheduled with the rest of the class.  If your absence was excused, you still need to make up the work missed.

Late Assignments – Each day an assignment is late 10 points will be taken off. After the 2nd day of being late, the assignment will not be accepted and you will be given a Zero

Grades – Grades will be assigned using a weighted scale as follows:

Major Grades = 45%

Minor Grades = 55%

Students will be permitted to retest/redo an assignment on major grades only if they receive a grade of 69 or below.  If a student participates in a retesting opportunity because of a failing test grade, the highest grade they can receive is a 70.   In the event the student fails both, the higher of the two will be recorded.

                6-10 grades- drop 1       

               11 +  grades- drop 2