Bellville ISD is looking to develop partnerships with Industries and Businesses that want to provide students with opportunities to interact with industry or community professionals in various work-based learning experiences.

There are many ways in which employers partner with school districts. While employer involvement in each of the following activities is critical to our success, employer partners are not expected to participate in all activities. District/campus representatives will work with you to help identify and select the activities that make the most sense for your business and employees.

Opportunities for Involvement include:

  • Serving on a P-TECH Advisory Board

  • Supporting P-TECH teachers by being a guest speaker in a classroom

  • Supporting P-TECH teachers by providing opportunities for teachers to experience the Industry workplace

  • Or any other activity that would help students understand or experience an industry or business

  • Providing work-based learning (WBL) opportunities for students such as

    • Career Mentoring - a career exploration activity in which a student is matched one-on-one or in small groups with an adult professional in a chosen field of interest to explore potential careers and related educational issues.

    • Workplace Tour - a career awareness activity in which small groups of students visit a workplace, learn about the business, meet employees, ask questions and observe work in progress.

    • Job Shadowing - a student is paired with an employee of a P-TECH partner business and follows that employee during much of a regular workday. A Job Shadow provides the student the opportunity to experience the workplace, understand the various roles and duties of a particular occupation, learn about the business, connect with a working adult and observe work in progress.

    • Work Experience - a student has the opportunity to develop and demonstrate professional and occupational skills by working for pay with a P-TECH employer. The primary relationship for the student is as an employee. However in some cases, schools can offer credit for the experience.

    • Internship - a student has the opportunity to learn by doing real work and being productively engaged in the workplace. Students may work in teams, rotate through a number of departments and job functions, or work on a project of interest to the student and productive value to the employer partner. The primary relationship is student to learning with the job being the conduit to the learning.

    • Workplace Challenge - a career preparation activity where small groups of students (4-6 per team) are engaged in solving a problem or a challenge.

If you are interested in partnering with Bellville ISD, please complete the form linked below to share your information with Bellville ISD and indicate which areas you are willing to engage with our students about your industry or business.

If you are not ready to complete the Bellville ISD Industry/Business Partner Engagement Form, but would like to submit a question, comment, or suggestion about Industry or Business Partnerships with Bellville ISD please click here.