Women of Science Competition

Millipore Sigma, and Thermo Fisher Scientific

with support from

University of Massachusetts Lowell and the Bedford Education Association

Hosted by Bedford Public Schools

Bedford High School will be hosting the Sixteenth Annual Women of Science Scholarship Competition on Saturday, December 8, 2018. The competition involves about forty teams of junior and senior high school women competing in four science and engineering events. All events involve knowledge based in the areas of biology, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, math, and physics. Teams compete as a group in each of the four events.

The idea of creating a competition for female students only is guided by the interest to have more women enter science related fields. We are hoping the day will celebrate women in science and spawn interest in science related fields. In addition to the competition, we are inviting a variety of professionals in the science and technology fields to have lunch with the participants to discuss the many opportunities that there are for women.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the program, feel free to explore this site or contact Michael Griffin, or Michelle Pietrangelo at Bedford High School.

We encourage anyone interested to support our efforts to stimulate and support the future women scientists, engineers, leaders, etc.

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