Mr. Clark's Math Classes

Welcome to Mr. Clark's Class!

During our time away from school, please visit our Google Classroom for some review activities.

I hope everyone is doing well! This is a quick update on how the sixth grade math classes will proceed for the remainder of the year. Each week, I will be posting learning opportunities that include activities for students to complete. Reviews will continue through Friday April 3rd and on Monday April 6th we will begin new skills. We will be covering the following units for the remainder of the year:

a.determine balance point and the effect of changing a piece of data

b.area, circumference, and perimeter of circles rectangles and triangles

c. Congruence of segments, angles, and polygons

d. Circle graphs - representing information in fractions & percentages / compare same information in bar graphs pictographs & line plots.

Activities will be posted on Google Classroom and will include short videos and materials for students to access and respond to in a variety of ways. Student work will be monitored and feedback will be provided to help direct these learning opportunities.

Each Monday, please look for updates in our Google Classroom.

Mr. Clark