Patterns Biology

COVID-19 Distance Learning (DL) Update

Our Patterns Biology development team of teacher leaders has been working hard since the spring of 2020 to develop Distance Learning versions of the Patterns Biology units. Our DL units can be used in either a fully online or a hybrid school model.

To request access to the restricted access materials for teachers only, please visit the Restricted Access page and fill out the form.

Ecosystems and Biodiversity


Cells to Organisms



Ecosystem Matter & Energy


Teacher Access to Restricted Page

Key assessment resources meant just for teachers, including tests, quizzes, and keys, are available on the Patterns Biology Restricted Access page. If you would like access to this page please fill out this Google Form.

Biodiversity Photo by Kazuky Akayashi on Unsplash

Molecules to Organisms Photo by Christian Bowen on Unsplash

Cells to Organisms Photo by kychan on Unsplash

Genomics Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash