Mrs. McDaniel's Classes

Hello Parents and Guardians. I have a B.A. in Chemistry from Earlham College and a Masters in Teaching from Wright State University. My first teaching job was at Trotwood High School in 1993. In 2000, I earned National Board Certification in teaching adolescent/young adult science. What is National Board Certification? That fall, I began teaching here at Beavercreek. At home, my favorite things to do are run, garden, cook and read.

I mostly teach using research-based instructional strategies that have been extensively tested in Chemistry classes. The research shows that students perform better and retain more Chemistry content if they are guided to create knowledge for themselves, so my class will feel a bit different from many other classes you have had. If you feel as if you are in a course where you are teaching yourself without any support, please see me as this is something I need to know in order to serve you better.

If you would like to receive weekly e-mailed updates about what we will do in the next week, please send me an e-mail that includes the class period you are/your child is in. This e-mail will usually be sent out on Fridays and will include homework, daily assignments, labs, tests and some quizzes. Alternatively, you can check the daily assignments page linked to the class webpage.

I am available most mornings and afternoons for extra chemistry help, test retakes and lab make-ups from 7:15 AM to 4 PM. Please feel free to stop by. However, since I am involved in an after-school academic team and am expected to attend the occasional meeting, it would be wise to check with me ahead of time to make sure I am available.

You can reach me at or at 937-429-7547 ex. 1631.

I work hard to teach the best I can and am always looking for ways to improve my practice. Parents and students, please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or if you have any suggestions that might improve my teaching.

"The best students are not always the smartest students. The best students are the ones who quickly realize that they need help and work to get that help." - Bob Jacobs

I am a firm believer in a student's responsibility towards his or her own education, so encourage your student to speak with me first about any issues with the class. Students are expected to put quite a bit of effort into mastering the course material. In return, they are given large amounts of in-class time to work cooperatively with their peers as well as to ask me questions. I run a very student-centered classroom where a fluid application of concepts is the goal rather than rote memorization of facts.

A woman in a lab coat working in a Chemistry lab.

About Chemistry:

Chemistry applies the Algebra you have learned in previous math classes to the study of atoms and the behavior of their compounds. It is a subject that will test and enhance your math, reading, logic and problem solving skills. Like any course, the effort you put into it will be reflected in the results you earn.