Counselor Contact



Email: arlene_faudoa 

Days on Campus: Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 3:40PM

Main Office Phone: 909-585-7766 Ext. 7353

Hello, my name is Mrs. Faudoa and I am your school counselor here at Baldwin Lane Elementary School. This is my second school year with BVUSD. As a BVUSD School Counselor, I am committed to providing support services for all students to enhance their social, emotional and academic growth. 

School counselors serve the social and emotional needs of students so they can be prepared for academic rigor. The goal of the BLES counseling program is to ensure all students develop the knowledge, attitudes, and skills that will lead to behaviors that support social-emotional well-being and academic achievement. 

The counseling program will provide a variety of services throughout the school year for students, parents, and families in order to support that growth. 

These services include:

Second Step Class Lessons

Short-term Individual Counseling  

Short-term Group Counseling

Crisis Intervention                                

Conflict Mediation

Classroom SEL Lessons

Positive Behavior Support


Community Referrals and Resources

Parent Workshops

Referral System 


Students can be referred for counseling services by parents, teachers, staff, and/or self-refer at anytime. 

Please call or email me if you have any questions about the counseling services provided at Baldwin Lane Elementary.

Please view the Referral Tab to submit an electronic referral. Physical referral forms available in BLES front office.

About BLES Counseling

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SEL Focus: Counselor's Corner Newsletter 23-24

Empathy & Kindness October  




Second Step is a social-emotional learning curriculum delivered to all students through classroom guidance lessons conducted by the school counselor. Second Step is designed to build a foundation of social-emotional skills such as empathy, emotion management, decision making and problem solving to increase student's success in schools and prepare them to become responsible citizens. 

Second Step Home Links Unit 3 Lesson 13:  

TK-K  Showing Kindness 

Grade 1 Offering Kind Acts 

Grade 2 Having Empathy 

Grade 3 My Kind of Kindness 

 Grade 4 Seeing it Differently 

 Grade 5  A Different Point of View     

Important Dates/Events: 

Black History Month- Black History Month 

2/14-  Valentine's Day- Students wear pink or red 

No School on 2/16 & 2/19

If you or someone you know is in crisis, please call 911, go to the nearest emergency room, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to reach a 24-hour crisis center, or text MHA to 741741