spirit of the league


The Islington LORIC League was established in 2021 by seven founding schools: Beacon High, St. Aloysius, Arts & Media Islington, St. Mary Magdalene, City of London Highbury Grove, City of London Islington and Central Foundation.

Each of the founding schools are represented by a black star on the map of Islington in the center of the league's logo (can you identify the schools?).

LORIC is an acronym: Leadership. Organisation. Resilience. Initiative. Communication.

All competitors and participants of the Islington LORIC League are expected to demonstrate LORIC qualities both on and off the football pitch.

The league exists to create a safe place for school aged students to regularly compete against each other in both football skill and quality of character.

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Beacon High is a school where young people can realise their dreams and ambitions. It is a school where we believe in whole education; success in exams is crucial but so too is developing the whole child. We know that our students come to us from primary school with a vision of where they want to be and what they want to become.

(Beacon High website 2021)

We [AMSI] pride ourselves on being a welcoming school where we work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure that all children reach their full potential during their time with us.

We are proud to embrace a wide range of cultures and languages within our pupil population and we create an atmosphere of respect and trust where every child can feel safe and secure.

(Arts and Media Islington website 2021)

A Central Foundation education involves providing our students with a wide range of educational experiences, including the academic, sporting, musical, dramatic, debating and public speaking. Our aim is that through this provision the students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they all need to lead successful lives, but in addition it allows the students to develop their own unique talents and confidence and to forge their individual paths in life.

(Central Foundation website 2021)

At Highbury Grove we are relentless in our pursuit of excellence because we know the difference it can make to the lives of our young people, their families and community. We believe that all students can thrive in their academic lives and become active contributors to their local, national and global communities, given the right environment.

(COLA Highbury Grove website 2021)

Our [COLA I] students consistently achieve examination results at GCSE and A Level that are higher than the national attainment and progress averages as a result of excellent teaching and a culture of high aspirations. Many of our students progress to our sixth form and the majority later secure places at university, including prestigious Russell Group institutions.

(COLA Islington website 2021)

Here at St Aloysius we strive to achieve a sense of community within and outside the school setting in which the students may aim for excellence in all areas of development: academic, social, physical, moral, cultural and spiritual. We seek to use every opportunity to widen the horizons of student experience, through school visits and trips, as well as involving them in enterprises with the local community.

(St. Aloysius website 2021)

St Mary Magdalene Academy is made up of two schools: the Primary School and the Secondary School, including the Sixth Form. The Academy is sponsored by the London Diocesan Board for Schools and is a Christian community of learning which aims to nurture young people to become high achievers and to discover their vocation in a global society. We welcome pupils and students from all faiths and none to our schools, which strive to be inspirational communities of learning focused on happy, successful children.

(St. Mary Magdalene website 2021)