League Rules


  • Players are only eligible to compete if their attitude and commitment to school is deemed to meet the standards expected by the player's coach.

    • The criteria of expectation may differ for each school, however the minimum expectation for all participating schools is that the players selected contribute positively to their school culture and their learning environments

General Rules

  • Standard football rules apply unless otherwise stated below:

    • No off-sides

      • Players should not abuse this by 'goal-hanging' or standing in front of goalkeepers during set-pieces. It is the coach's responsibility to ensure players respect the spirit of the game. Continuous transgression in the same match can result in yellow and/or red cards. Continuous transgression in the league could result in a points penalty.

    • Roll on/Roll off subs

      • Substitutes can only enter the pitch after the referee invites them on during a break in play

  • Standard throw-ins (over the head, both feet on the floor)

  • Standard back-pass rule (Goalkeeper cannot pick up pick up or catch a deliberate pass back to them)

  • Penalty Kicks should be taken 8 yards from the goal line

  • Opposition players must be at least 7 yards in any direction away from the spot where a free-kick has been awarded

Additional Rules

  • The LORIC League incorporates aBlue Card’ for:

    • Misconduct/abuse towards referees or other players

    • Any audible swearing

    • Going against the spirit of the league

        • A player who receives a blue card must leave the pitch for 2 minutes.

        • Sin-binned players can only return once there has been a break in play

        • A second blue card ‘offense’ equals a yellow card and a 5 minute sin-bin

Match Information

  • All fixtures in the 2021-2022 year 10 competition will be played at either Beacon High or St. Aloysius.

  • 7 a-side

    • Fixtures at Beacon High:

      • Kick off time 16:15

      • Astro-turf footwear (pimple soles, not molded studs)

      • Enter via the red -MUGA (not the main school entrance)

      • Parking available

    • Fixtures at St. Aloysius:

      • Kick off time 16:20 (with exception to fixture 7 at 16:00)

      • Studded footwear appropriate for grass

      • Parking available

    • Fixtures at COLA Highbury Grove:

      • Kick off time 16:25

      • Astro-turf footwear

      • Parking available

  • 3 points for a win. 1 point for a draw.

Data Collection

  • Coaches are responsible for their team's match information sheet (downloadable here)

    • Coaches should give in person or email Ashley Gurd (ashley.gurd@beaconhigh.org) their team's match information sheet (MIS) no later than 48 hours after the fixture.

      • Failure to submit the (MIS) on time may result in the individual team data not being counted into the league records

  • Referees should nominate an overall 'Man of the Match' and send this information to Ashley Gurd (email above)


  • Shin pads must be worn by all players without exemption. Players will be refused the right to play if they do not have shin pads.

  • The appropriate footwear must be worn as outlined in match information.

  • Players must be supervised by their coaches at all times.