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Welcome to 4th Grade

Welcome to Camp Atkinson! My name is Wendy Atkinson and I am a 4th grade teacher at Lucille Umbarger Elementary! I have created this website, with the help of my students, in the hope that we can communicate what we're learning, why we're learning it and how we apply what we have learned.

I have worked in education for many years! I served as a Special Education Instructional Assistant in California, taught classes for Western Washington University in both Bellingham and an extension program in Queretaro, Mexico and done a lot of things in between. I have a BA in Education with endorsements in K-8 Elementary, P-12 Reading and K-12 ELL. I also have a Master's in Education with a focus on literacy. I have taught in California, Mexico and here in Burlington, Washington. Although my titles and locations while serving students and families may have changed over the years, one thing that remains the same is my steadfast passion for teaching and learning. I LOVE what I do!

It is my sincere hope that students will walk into 5th grade and later into life with all the tools they need to succeed as well as a clear vision of what success looks like for them as unique, amazing, talented and intelligent individuals.

Welcome Back

Below I have some important information I will be handing out at Open House- Tuesday Sept 3rd from 5-6:30 pm in room 204. Can't Wait to see you!

Welcome letter 2019-2020 Doc
Aug 30, 2019 12:10 PM.webm

Listen to me read my welcome letter

Aug 30, 2019 12:35 PM.webm

Listen to me try to read my letter in Spanish

Copy of Snack Schedule 2019-20

Snack Sign-up

4th grade supply list 19 -20

Supplies List

2019-2020 Atkinson schedule


My AfterSchool Plan.pdf

After School Plan

You may want to bring important addresses and phone numbers for the people who have access to your child after school. I'll need that information ASAP.

Here's just a little about who I am and what I like to do outside the classroom.

My grandson is the joy of my life!

Hiking in Red Rock canyon is so beautiful!

The Grand Canyon is one of my most favorite places so far!

My favorite places to backpack is Cascade Pass.

This is at the summit of the Cascade Pass.

Red Rock Canyon in NV.

I also really like camping

AND I am always ready for a new adventure!

Captain, my dog, is always ready for an adventure too!