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Dear Fox Lane Community Members,

We hope all of you and your families are doing well! The staff of The Fox Lane Times is proud to present to you its Volume 4, Edition 1 newspaper (use this link to access the PDF version). Since its revival, The Fox Lane Times has strived to embody the newspaper's spirit of journalism, communication, and the service of our local community. The Fox Lane Times can also be found online at sites.google.com/bcsdny.org/thefoxlanetimes

All Fox Lane students and staff are welcome to submit journalistic articles, poetry and creative writing pieces, and visual arts to The Fox Lane Times! We are willing to collect nearly anything written by Fox Lane students and will work with you to get it published in an upcoming edition of The Fox Lane Times as long as it is factually accurate and respectful. To make a submission or to simply learn more about the Fox Lane Newspaper Club, please email Allen Long @ jlong2@student.bcsdny.org or Jack Cristiano @ jcristiano@student.bcsdny.org  with your submission or question attached.

Thank You and Be Well!

The Staff of The Fox Lane Times

Our public libraries

The services that our local public libraries offer us as a community are astounding. Get a library card to your local branch. It's free access to an incredible amount of information!

tech ten

Take 10 minutes to learn a new technology tool that supports learning.

Diigo is a versatile cloud based organizational extension tool that makes bookmarking obsolete. It can be used in its basic form to save internet sites using tags to be accessed from anywhere, at any time, with any device, including smartphones. You can easily format web pages to be printed, highlighted and annotated. Information can easily be shared, making this a very strong collaborative tool. Groups can easily research together, sharing resources while making comments and highlighting points of interest. Please contact Sonta Frindt sfrindt4747@bcsdny.org with any questions.




The mission of the Fox Lane High School Library Media Center is to provide all students with the opportunities and an environment that encourages them to connect and become creative, critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers and ethical, effective users and creators of information in an ever expanding and evolving global society. We will accomplish this goal through information and technology literacy instruction while fostering integrity and empathy with a diverse collection and programming. We will encourage students to be inquisitive, empathetic, think critically, read comprehensively and become curious lifelong learners.

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