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Buckingham County HS JROTC Knights

Home to the Best of the Best Raiders for 4th Brigade 2016-2019 and were 4th overall at Raider Nationals 3 Nov 2018

4 Nov 2018: Tyler Moore Ultimate Male Raider Award winner for Raider Nationals

Raider words of Wisdom to navigate your life by:

Plagiarism: According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, plagiarism is "the un-ethical/im-moral practice of taking/stealing someone else's hard work/dedication/mission driven intensity and knowingly and deliberately passing that knowledge/hard work as your own".

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Welcome to the Knight Battalion

2018-2019 Cadet Leadership

2018-2019 Knight Battalion Commander: Cadet/LTC Ayers Newton

2018-2019 Knight Battalion XO: Cadet/MAJ Alyssa Gentry

2018-2019 Knight Battalion CSM: Cadet/CSM Christian Poole

Alpha Team Raider Commander: Cadet/CPT Tyler Moore

Mixed Team Raider Commander: Cadet/MAJ Alyssa Gentry

Charlie Raider Team Raider Commander: TBD

After School Activities

Raider/Drill/Air Rifle Schedule

Monday-Thursday Raider/Drill practice: 1530-1730

Air Rifle Wednesday: 1530-1730

**Buckingham Home Drill Meet: 16 February 2019**

**Buckingham Home Raider Meet: 9 March 2019**

Aug-June 2018-19 Events:

Check Calendar below for schedule

Future Training:

See JROTC Calendar below for after school events

MTS 2018-2019.pdf
Buckingham-JROTC Syllabus SY 2017-18 as of 24 JUL 2017.docx

Master Training Schedule (MTS) School Year 2018-2019

JROTC Course Syllabus for School Year 2018-2019

Quote of the Century

Definition of Leadership

"Do your own work, don't take credit for something you had absolutely nothing to do with"

SGT Bruce Grazier

Latest JROTC Team Accomplishments

See the individual JROTC Team Pages for additional pictures and information

JCLC Eagle
JCLC Eagle Group picture

JCLC Camp Eagle located at Fort Pickett, VA. Tyler Moore would be top male for Physical Fitness, Joshua Meek and Isabel Martinez would both receive Honorable Mentions and DaQuan Tindall would be named top Drill Commander for the second year in a row. 11 Cadets would graduate the Leadership Development course from 20-24 June 2018.

Army Airborne with Master jump wings insignia
USA Army Field Artillery Insignia

Army Airborne With Master Jump Wings Insignia

US Army Field Artillery Insignia