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Buckingham County HS JROTC Knights

Home to the Best of the Best Raiders/4th Brigade 2016-2019

4th overall at Raider Nationals 3 Nov 2018

4 Nov 2018: Tyler Moore Ultimate Male Raider Award winner for Raider Nationals

4th Brigade's Best of the Best Raider Champions/Male Division 13 April 2019

**Congratulations to the JROTC Raider Team for maintaining the Honor Unit with Distinction. The Raider Team received a 99.50 out of a possible 100 on 9 April 2019. Honor Unit with Distinction since 1995

Raider Theme for the 2019-2020 School Year

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try. "

Alexander the Great

Cross Country: Every Wednesday except 24 Sept, which is a Tuesday (Nottoway High School).

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Welcome to the Knight Battalion

2019-2020 Cadet Leadership

2019-2020 Knight Battalion Commander: Cadet/LTC Tyler Moore

2019-2020 Knight Battalion XO: Cadet/MAJ Ian Martin

2019-2020 Knight Battalion CSM: Cadet/CSM Tyler Moree

Male Team Raider Commander: Cadet/LTC Tyler Moore

Mixed Team Raider Commander: Cadet/2LT Isabel Martinez

After School Activities

Future Training:

Cross Country meets will be every Wednesday. 4 Sept 2019 is the first meet.

See JROTC Calendar below for after school events and Community Support Events

Why Take JROTC? Here are the National Statistics that JROTC Cadets are more likely to succeed, than students that choose not to enroll in JROTC

Quality Indicators


Attendance 90.29% 93.54%

Graduation 83% 93.98%

Indiscipline 5.2% 1.7%

Dropout 8% <1%

GPA 2.72 2.91

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2019-20 Master Training Schedule.pdf
Buckingham-JROTC Syllabus SY 2017-18 as of 24 JUL 2017.docx

Master Training Schedule (MTS) School Year 2019-2020

JROTC Course Syllabus for School Year 2019-2020

JCLC Eagle 25-30 June 2019
JCLC Eagle 25-30 June 2019 Group picture

Latest JROTC Team Accomplishments

See the individual JROTC Team Pages for additional pictures and information

JCLC Camp Eagle located at Camp Pendleton (Virginia Beach), VA. Ian Martin would be named top Male in the Individual Physical Fitness Challenge and Sarah Perry would be named top Female for the Individual Physical Fitness Challenge. 10 Cadets would graduate the Leadership Development course from 25-30 June 2019. Great job to all the graduates.

Army Airborne with Master jump wings insignia
USA Army Field Artillery Insignia

Army Airborne With Master Jump Wings Insignia

US Army Field Artillery Insignia