Online Learning Resources


Online learning is not easy, requires a lot forethought, and keeping processes simple for you and students. This site continues to evolve. While there are only three pages, the sub-pages hold a wealth of information. Take a moment to see what is already published for you.

April Site updates


  1. Flipgrid page updated with an embedded tweet where over 300 educators are willing to collaborate.

  2. Setting Notifications in Google Classroom tutorial now live. Find it on YouTube.

  3. Quick Guide to Google Classroom by Alice Keeler is available and linked to her original Google Drawing.

  4. A variety of content types can be added to any Padlet.

March site updates


  1. Flipgrid page is updated with links to resources published by Flipgrid.

  2. Flipgrid page now includes a parent consent form for children under the age of 13.

  3. Online discussion page went live.


  1. The Flipgrid page has been updated with resources.

  2. The Google Classroom page has been update with a Student Quick Guide to Google Classroom.

  3. The Zoom page has been updated with the Zoom User Guide.

  4. FAQs page has been updated with what access students have to Google Services.