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Welcome to BBHCSD's Gifted Professional Learning website. The purpose of this site is to provide you with a variety of pathways to earn your gifted professional learning hours each year.


Visit the FAQs page to determine the number of gifted professional learning hours you will need each school year. Refer to questions 1 and 2.


Now that you know how many hours you need each school year, scroll down look and look at the graphic 4 Pathways to the Gifted Professional Learning Hours. The image depicts four pathways, and each path can be combined with any other in order to earn your hours. For instance, a teacher could read a book from the lending library in conjunction with working with a Gifted Intervention Specialist (GIS). Or, complete one online module; each module is designed to take about 15 hours to complete. If you have questions about meshing the pathways, please ask!


There are two parts in this step:

  1. Per ODE, "Professional development in gifted education is documented on the educator’s Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)..." This means a teacher of a gifted learners must add a goal to their IPDP for PD in gifted education, or amend a current goal to reflect this. You will want to create an activity in MyPDC at the beginning of the school year and then turn in your log of hours at the end of the year.
  2. Open and save a copy of the Gifted Professional Learning Log of Hours (also found in the Resources page). Complete this log each time you complete professional learning experience.

The site contains:

To get started, please check the FAQs as there are many answers to your anticipated questions. If you are still unsure, please ask a question.


This video contains information about how to navigate this site, and explains what you, as the teacher of gifted learners, need to be aware of and do from year to year. Watch it as often as you would like.

Amending Your IPDP

Amending Your IPDP.webm

4 pathways to Gifted professional learning hours

In the above graphic there are four pathways you can utilize to obtain your gifted professional learning hours. The pathways can be combined to get your hours.

The Modules Pathway - There are four modules that are or will be available. These are

  1. The Gifted Learner which includes Nature of the Gifted Learner and Nurture the Gifted Learner (required module)
  2. Differentiation (under construction)
  3. Using Data (under construction)
  4. Creativity (under construction)

Each module is designed to take approximately fifteen hours to complete within the school year. There are multiple activities to complete within a module that deepens your understanding of the gifted learner. All modules are designed in Google Slides with activities embedded on various slides. Please keep a log of dates, hours, and competencies for the time you spend learning.

The Book Pathway - A library of books related to gifted and the gifted learner will be open to anyone who wants to read and study. There are a variety tiles and topics from which to choose including twice exceptional (2E), differentiation, social-emotional, best practices and more. There are four copies of each title which allows you to read, study, and discuss together, or have a small group book discussion (up to four people). If you choose this pathway you can fill out the gifted book lending form and have the book(s) delivered to you via interschool mail. The library is located at the board of education, and Jen Mertes will send the book or books via interschool mail. You then read, study, discuss, and return the book.

The GIS (Gifted Intervention Specialist) Collaboration Pathway - Collaborate with a GIS throughout the school year to earn the hours needed. This could include unit and lesson planning, assessment design, differentiation, and planning for intervention and enrichment.

PL (Professional Learning) - Third party gifted professional learning opportunities is another way to acquire the needed hours for gifted professional learning. This could be a workshop at Northeast Ohio ESC, Summit County ESC, or Lorain County ESC, attend workshops given by experts like Ian Byrd, course work related gifted learner topics, AP training, webinars, and others. Reach out to Gina Symsek if you are unsure if the professional learning you want to take will work.