Welcome to ELA with Mrs. Vilardi!

My name is Mrs. Vilardi and I am so excited to work with all of my students this year across three grade levels. I will be co-teaching a 6th grade class with Mrs. Sprengel as well as 5th grade class & 8th grade class on my own.

In order to find information for my 5th & 8th grade class, please use this site only, using the tabs above. If you are interested in finding information about my co-taught class, use the tabs above to find the link to Mrs. Sprengel's site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

I am looking forward to a great year :)

Contact Information:

Cara Vilardi


732- 775-4413 ex. 333

5th & 8th ELA

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Grading policy

Below is the breakdown for grading:

50% = Major assessments

30% = Minor assessments

10% = Homework assignments

10% = Class Participation

Major assignments Minor ASSIGNMENTS

-completed essays -reading log

-book talks -reading response

-vocabulary tests -writers' notebook


  • No extra credit is assigned.
  • Students can request to retest major assessments. [Tests only, not essays]

homework policy

Homework can be graded twice:

1) For completion.

2) Graded for accuracy as a participation grade.

***Students will be notified for homework grading category.

It will be posted on homework page as well.

Grading Scale for Homework Completeness:

100% = Completed

75% = Attempted, more than half / late score after one day

50% = Attempted, mostly incomplete / late score after two days

0% = No attempt, not handed in

How much time should students spend on homework?

Grade 4 = 40 minutes

Grade 5 = 50 minutes

Grade 6 = 60 minutes

Grade 7 = 70 minutes

Grade 8 = 80 minutes

*Late homework will be taken, with a penalty, up to two days from assigned date.

PArticipation grading

  • Contributes to discussions, lessons, and activities
  • Responds thoughtfully to other students’ comments
  • Suggests different ways of approaching activities
  • Demonstrates consistent preparation
  • Maintains engagement in lessons and activities

Participation Grading

100-90 Exceeds expectations

89-80 Meets expectations

79-70 Attempts

60 Below expectations