New hand dryers

The BAY Centre would like to thank ‘Handy Dryers’ ( for giving us a marvellous deal that will allow us to replace all 3 of our old hand dryers with modern, filtered, sterilising units. (…/gorillo-junior-hand-dryer-1…)

Unit 9 Stort Valley Industrial Estate

Bishop's Stortford


CM23 2TU

01278 466 500

Burnham Christian Fellowship Church donation

The Bay Centre would like to thank the Burnham Christian Fellowship Church for their very generous donation that will allow us to replace our old hand dryers. (The Church meets every Sunday at the BAY Centre 10.30 am - 12.30 am).

Somerset Bridge Donation

Somerset Bridge Association helps improve Burnham Area Youth Centre

Burnham’s BAY Centre has just received a wonderful gift from Sheila Coda, a member of Somerset Bridge Association.

Last year Sheila, who is able to choose which charities to support, on behalf of the association, elected to share the charity donation between the BAY centre and the Devon and Somerset Air ambulance. The result was the presentation, last week, of a cheque for £800 to Jan Bonus, the BAY Centre secretary.

BAY Centre Chair Mike Lang was delighted, saying; ‘Our trustees committee has a policy of constant improvement, and this excellent gift will help us shake off the sands of time in our fifty two year-old-building.

We will ensure that this donation is used effectively on doing something specific’

The Image shows Jan Bonus accepting the cheque from Sheila Coda.

How the money was raised

The money is raised through a number of bridge clubs in the county who all play the same duplicated boards over a period of a week. Each hand is then scored overall (by a machine!) and each pair's percentage worked out. The highest percentage pair is the winner of The Michael Coda cup.

The event is played on an annual basis and each competitor plays an entrance fee of £5. Several clubs also donate their week's table money as well to the charity. It is a pairs competition and if you access the Somerset Contract Bridge Association website and go to 'results' on the menu on the left hand side it will give you the details of the number of entries and the names of the winning pair. Sheila chooses the recipients of the money each year and it has to go to local charities in Somerset ideally, and that includes larger bodies such as RNLI or Air Ambulance in our county.

Main Hall curtains

New curtains!!! Thank you Colin Rufus for all your hard work and thank you Jan Newton for organising curtains and poles

Main Hall floor

The BAY Centre would like to thank AA Flooring for their hard work installing our new Main hall and cafe flooring.

they can be contacted on

Office: 01934 813693 Email: