Why NOw?

There are three driving factors for this proposed campus upgrade:

  1. Modernizing the learning environment
  2. Improving the safety of our buildings and grounds
  3. Further marketing our community through facility improvements

Safety and Plant/Facility Concerns:

  • Designed during the industrial age, the learning spaces of the 1916 and 1924 buildings have aged out and no longer meet modern learners’ educational needs (collaborative, open, and flexible). The learning environment is no longer a functional space for optimal teaching and learning (see imagery below).
  • Campus Parking: We recognize that parking has been a serious issue across our campus. We will work hard to address this in our building project plans with a long term solution to parking here at BCSD.
  • The 1916 and 1924 buildings are “grandfathered” in, hence meeting antiquated codes and regulations (which would not pass todays codes and regulations), and are severely outdated from a plant perspective.
        • Electrical: The current wiring of our 1916 and 1924 buildings are insufficient as it relates to modern electrical needs of school buildings. In essence, the draws that modern equipment has on our electrical system exceed the capacity and pose safety threats to our campus.
        • Plumbing: The current needs of our K-12 system have outgrown the current supply to our facilities. The current piping has illustrated corrosion and restriction due to hard water and mineral build up internally. Additionally, we have water pressure issues on the far side of our campus as a result.
        • HVAC: Our current 1916 and 1924 buildings are not equipped with AC and are running on a boiler system that is over 20 years old.
        • Air Quality: Air exchange regulations require sufficient air flow in and out of classrooms. We currently do not meet air quality codes in the 1916 and 1924 buildings which negatively impacts teaching/learning.
        • Fire: The 1916 and 1924 buildings are antiquated in terms of fire systems and would not meet modern codes.
        • Security: We are working to further secure our campus and the 1916 and 1924 buildings were not designed with security in mind. This leaves us vulnerable to incidents. We hope to address this with the new project.
        • Communication: As we modernize our facilities, an opportunity to update our communication infrastructure to further enhance our safety and security.
  • Investing further in the 1916 and 1924 buildings no longer provides us a fiscally responsible return on investment.
Needs Inventory
Baxter CSD Facilities Tour-2018
BCSD Imagery
Combined Baxter CSD Building Project Community Assessment.pdf
  • Fiscal Health/Management: The Baxter Community School District takes great pride in being good stewards of our community. Our district does not take asking voters for approval of a bond referendum lightly. We feel this request is in the best interest of our students and strikes a fair and equitable balance between the needs of our students and taxpayers. With that said, we are committed to providing the highest quality education to the students of our district; “teaching for today and tomorrow; one student at a time.”
  • Past Bond Referendums: Baxter Schools have been blessed with high levels of community support over the years. Our community has successfully passed every bond referendum that has been promoted due to a unified approach that involves community along the journey. We very much appreciate the support and are a stronger community as a result. THANK YOU!
  • The Baxter Story: Please visit the following Facebook site to help understand and contribute to "Our Story." https://www.facebook.com/groups/231067337648303/