CAM Academy

6th Grade Math and Science

  • Character Trait is Forgiveness
  • Protractor Needed For Math
  • Students off 2/16 and 2/19
  • Math Test Chapter 7 on 2/1
  • Science Test on Chapter 1 Soon
  • SW Washington math challenge teams meetings each Friday after school in February.
  • SW Washington Math Challenge February 24, 9:00 to 1:00 Chief Middle School

A new semester!

Let’s review some room routines and look ahead to healthier, longer and warmer days.

1/29 is the first day of the new semester. semester one grades are available on Skyward after 2/9. With a fresh start, please encourage your student to start strong and be consistent.

Redoing daily work. Students may redo daily math work. They need to SHOW and/or explain in detail when redoing on a seperate sheet of paper that is attached to the original. In science, students may redo work after it is returned to them and with my permission.

Redoing tests. In math, I will schedule a day in class when students may redo the test. In order to take a redo test, students need to fix all problems missed on the original test showing and/or explaining each problem.

Late work - if a student is absent, they have the # of days they missed +1 to turn all late work in. For all other work, students have ONE day to make up work and turn it in if they want % credit.

Areas to Assist the Classroom

If you have pictures of field trips, ASB activities or out of CAM events, please email them or share via Google photos @

Also, If you have an expertise in a science, tech., or engineering design topic that we are working on (our next is towers), please let me know if you would like to stop by and share with us!

Books are always a great gift for the classroom. If you have new or slightly used science magazines or books, please consider donating to the room.