CAM Academy

6th Grade Math and Science



Walkathon pictures below


October is moving quickly. What great weather for adding time to our PE logs.

Please check grades on Skyward.


Our field trip was excellent! We had many parents joining us as we hiked around Lava Canyon, Trail of 2 Forests, The Lahar and Ape Cave. We need pictures for our yearbook. Please go to Google Photos @ . Choose the highest resolution if it offers a choice.

Students are working through our science book. Chapters 1 and 2 are quick reads with some work in each section. Chapter 3 we will slow down. After, we will have an open book test on chapter 3 and Mt St Helen using their notes.


Chapter 2 is finished. Students with passing grades had the choice to take a second test to average the score. Students not passing were directed to test on 10/19.

Students are also starting Khan Academy. They will be graded on effort and achievement. PLEASE understand that I need an account with their school email and no other coaches on their account. The goal on Khan is review for some and preview for others.


Our third form of the PE log is underway. There is space for the second test on the back side of the form which needs to be completed by mid-November. Also, please remember to go to the webpage to waive or gather materials to teach HIV before January.

Thank you for all your efforts and guidance.

Mr. Murry

homework planner