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What is instructional technology?

"Instructional technology includes practical techniques of instructional delivery that systematically aim for effective learning, whether or not they involve the use of media. It is a basic purpose of the field of instructional technology to promote and aid the application of these known and validated procedures in the design and delivery of instruction." - Gagne, R. M. (2013). Instructional technology: foundations. Routledge.

One of the goals of instructional technology is to encourage and support effective student use of technology. More than just student access to devices, effective use is based upon the 7 ISTE Standards for Students, updated in 2016.

While our goals include assisting teachers in using technology in the classroom, our ultimate goal is increasing student achievement through the use of technology in many different forms.

We're here to help you integrate and use tech to help students and to get the tech in their hands and encourage them to become producers, not just consumers.

ISTE Standards for Students (2016) - Permissions and Licensing - Permitted Educational Use.pdf