Bangor University Mountain Walking Club

As students in Bangor, we are incredibly lucky to have the amazing Snowdonia National Park right on our doorstep. Why not join us for a hike and get a chance to explore one of the most beautiful parts of the world!

Whether this is your first time in walking boots, or you’re already an experienced mountaineer, we run days-out for every ability.


We run weekly walks that venture across the length and breadth of Snowdonia National Park, from the Carneddau in the north right down to Cadair Idris in the south. Catering to a wide range of skill levels, the UMWC sees it all - weather permitting! We run three groups on each walk:

  • Easy - A low-key group for those without much or any prior experience, but are interested in having a great day out in the mountains.
  • Medium - For those looking for more of a challenge, Medium Group completes a broader array of walks and scrambles whilst still maintaining a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Hard - For experienced walkers willing to push themselves, Hard Group do longer, more challenging routes along with grade 1 scrambles.


We meet every week on Thursday, 8:00pm at Bar Uno! Pop along to hangout with other members, play pool and scoff the free sandwiches! Located on Fridd site, we're more than willing to give directions - just pop us a message.

We also meet at the weekend for a post-walk relax - check Facebook for the location (our go-to is to lose horribly at a Pub-Quiz).

Who are we?

Established in 1991, Bangor University's Mountain Walking Club has had the privilege of introducing thousands of young people to the fantastic world of mountaineering. Our aim is to make the great outdoors more accessible, encourage safe and well informed behaviour, and inspire others to pursue activities mountains not just here in Wales, but the world over.

Although the Club's home is on the slate-strewn peaks of Snowdonia National Park, we venture across the UK to other mountainous regions whenever possible. So as well as our weekly trips out into Snowdonia, we run several away trips over the course of the year to locations such as the Brecon Beacons and Lake District National Parks.

Members are also encouraged to make friends and find fellow walking buddies with whom to partake in their own outdoor activities outside of Club time.

We accept all abilities and pride ourselves on being a club open to all Bangor University students no matter your background or experience.

If you have any questions about the club, or would like to join Contact Us.

The Student Union

Meet the Team

Captain: Angus Laird

Easy to spot on even the cloudiest of days thanks to his immense height and signature orange boots, Angus is an experienced ML-trained leader and trusted Captain who is keen to promote the interests of the Club and its members.

Likes naps and long walks on the beach.

Vice-Captain: Huw Jordan Tatlock

A man of many talents and master of mountain lore. Armed with tales for every eventuality, it sometimes seems like Huw only joined UMWC to find inspiration for his next book. If you hear someone moaning about sunburn, its probably him.

Rumour has it he was also once an entire circus all by himself.

Treasurer: Chris Deaville

Level-headed and camera capable, Chris is responsible for the UMWC's funds (making him everyone's favourite Committee member) as well as 90% of the Club's best snapshots. You probably already owe him a tenner, but Chris is a good sport and gives all his debtors a five second head start.

Never challenge him to Trivial Pursuit.

Social Secretary: Mattie Johnson

Like any good Social Secretary, Mattie spends his days in bed, building up his vast reserves of energy for his regular wild nights out. Beware - hang around him long enough and you'll be introduced to the joys/horrors of the notorious Tiki Fire.

Probably too young to be in UMWC, we just don't have the heart to tell him.

Secretary: Rachel Piggford

Rachel's been in the UMWC for 3 years, and loves going hiking, meeting new people, staying healthy, and making the most of Snowdonia's amazing scenery. Her organisational skills are even more impressive than Deaville's.

Gear & Safety Officer: Chris Hurford

An experienced mountaineer, rock climber, and alpinist, Chris knows his way around a rope - if you want to talk to someone about specialist equipment, he's your man. Rumour has it he owns more First-Aid kits than he does pairs of socks.

Also known as “Hurf”, Chris' specialist subject is the mechanics of ski lifts. It's interesting, we swear.