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Guidance on updating scope of work and budget

5-31-19 K12 SWP Webinar on Submitting Revised Projects

Video: Updating K12 SWP Grant Scope and Budget in NOVA

Walk through of how to update a project's scope and budget in NOVA in preparation for submitting

Checklist for Modifying K-12 SWP Projects before Submission

K12 SWP Expanded Budget Instructions


Bay K-12 SWP Grantees FAQ

K12 Strong Workforce Program Questions and Responses


K-12 SWP Grant Rollout Timeline

Guidance on contract processing

The following documents provide instructions and required forms to complete your contract.

K-12 Contract Readiness Checklist

W-9 Form

New Vendor Information Form

Insurance Certificate Request Email Template

Reference Documents (Awards, RFA, Legislation, Metrics)

Contract Template

Contract between the BACCC fiscal agent, Cabrillo College CCD and K12 SWP grantees

K12 SWP Indirect Allowances

Maximum indirect allowed per grant using CDE indirect rates

K12 Strong Workforce Program 2018-2019 Intent to Award Memo

The appeals process has been completed without changes to the grant amounts. Grantees will receive the amount indicated in the Chancellor's Office Intent to Award Memo


As revised on 2/25/19. Contains: Appendix A: Program-specific Legal Terms And Conditions and Appendix B: Guidelines, Definitions And Allowable Expenditures

K-12 SWP Metrics

These are the metrics by which the K-12 SWP investments will be evaluated

Ed Code establishing the K-12 SWP Program

CTEIG Specific Proposed Funding Amounts - Revised

Process for Requesting Budget Changes and Grant Amendments

Changes to the outcomes as presented in Exhibit A, changes to the total amount of the grant, and changes to line items in the budget summary that total more than 10% of the grant award require BACCC approval. Please email with the name of the grant, the change requested, the rationale for the change.

Reporting Requirements

Cumulative expenditure reports will be due on or before November 15 of each year. Programmatic reports, and a final report will also be required. The schedule and forms for submitting these reports are under development. Grantees will be notified when these are available.


Past Emails to Grantees

K-12 SWP Links

Links to a variety of documents related to K-12 SWP

K-12 SWP Contacts at the Colleges