Bay Area College Apprenticeship Connection

This is a community of practice for folks in the Bay Area Community Colleges who are working on Apprenticeship. We gather monthly to share best practices, upcoming funding and collaboration opportunities and to generally collaborate towards expanding apprenticeship in all sectors.

We typically meet monthly on the 2nd Wednesday at 10am PST.

If you are interested in joining this Community of Practice, please email

Upcoming meetings

We continue to meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 10am.
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Past Meetings and Resources

2021-09 Sept BACAC Meeting - Grant Writers

Grant Writer Roundtable

September 2021 Meeting hosted a roundtable of grant writers to support with the many funding opportunities around apprenticeship.

2021-08 Aug BACAC Meeting - Work Experience

Using Work Experience with Apprenticeship

August 2021 Meeting offered an overview of how to use Work Experience with apprenticeship at Colleges.

2021 - 07 - Apprenticeship in CC Intro

Introduction to Apprenticeship

July 2021 Meeting provided an introduction to apprenticeships for those new to the apprenticeship world.

Community College HRTP June 2021.pptx

Overview of High Road Training Partnership

June 2021 meeting with special guest, Peter Simon, High Road Alliance

2021-05 May BACAC Meeting - Registering and Reporting Apprentices

Registering and Reporting Apprentices

May 2021 meeting focused on the details of how to register and properly report apprentices in the community college system such that apprentices are not charged enrollment and the college recoups the full fees from the state.

2021-04 April BACAC Meeting - Registering Apprentices

Insights from CAI Financials of Apprenticeship

April 2021 meeting was a share out of learnings from the CAI Learning Lab on the financials of apprenticeship and then we opened up the conversation around registering and reporting of apprentices.

Financials of Apprenticeship for CC

Financials of Apprenticeship in the Community Colleges

March 2021 meeting focused on the financials of apprenticeship in community colleges.