Staff Directory


Chuck McCall


ext. 2152

Ben Bell

Assistant Principal

ext. 2165

Laura Stewart

Assistant Principal

ext. 2163

Adam Powell

Assistant Principal

ext. 2162

Daniel Rincon

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

ext. 2406

Betty Korch

Principal's Secretary

ext. 2151

Elizabeth Mora

Curriculum Secretary

ext. 2164

Jennifer Clinton

Discipline Secretary

ext. 2158

Jennifer Clinton


ext. 2158

Linda Locke

Athletics/Activities Secretary

ext. 2405


Jancy Mora


ext. 2100

Dena Leftwich


ext. 2190

Julie Yackee


ext. 2415

Reyshawna Reed

Career Center

ext. 2215

Betty Matthews

Student Data Coordinator

ext. 2153

Kay Nichols

ASB Bookeeper/Student Store

ext. 2412

Lynn Staten

Library Media Technician

ext. 2112

Andrea Martin


ext. 2156

Julie Muller


ext. 2155

Zayra Hall

Family Center

ext. 2409


Mrs. Sandoval

P - Z and AVID

ext. 2416

Mrs. Gabrielson

G - O and Bridge

ext. 2414

Ms. Bennis

AB216 and "C" Model

ext. 2160

Mrs. Celle

EL and Foreign Exchange

ext. 2417

Mr. Benson

A - F and SCADA

ext. 2413


Career Technical Education

Margie Morgan


ext. 4434/2709

Emily Cornwell


ext. 2209

Jennifer Hunt

Medical Assistance

ext. 2506


Lance Arnt

ext. 2216

Dawn Palazzola

ext. 2206

Kyle Shimek


Calyn Waterlyn

ext. 2607

Alison Siggard

ext. 2407

Nicole Allen

ext. 2704

Darlene Decker

ext. 2611


Joy Ast

ext. 2111

Lisa Hoegerman

ext. 2234

Dana Kornachuck

ext. 2116

Ryan Yoo

ext. 2113

JoNell Larsen

ext. 2115

John Kaucher

ext. 2703

Deven Greenwood

ext. 2110

Steven Cobbs

ext. 2109

Physical Education

Carolyn Forston

ext. 2132

Alex Gonzalez

ext. 2130

Gary Gant - Sports Therapy

ext. 2704

Tyler Scurlock

ext. 2129


Rogelio Aburto

ext. 2105

Harold Kennedy

ext. 2205

David Whiteside

ext. 2204

Andre' Allison

ext. 2202

Kent Purser

ext. 2102

Alyssa Medina

ext. 2201

Misty Chambers

ext. 2203

Tiffany Pike

ext. 2101/2501

Digital Sciences

Jared Ekstrand

ext. 2802

Social Sciences

Terri Brown

ext. 2503

Ryan Smallwood

ext. 2223

Pamela Chaires

ext. 2504

Bret Smith

ext. 2610

Seth Watts

ext. 2612

Stacia Vega

ext. 2611

Michael Witham

ext. 2707

Erika Rohrbaugh

ext. 2710

Visual and Performing Arts

Javier Alcantara-Rojas

Band Director

ext. 2422

Shane Churchill

Choir Director

ext. 2411

Sean Burnham

Visual Arts

ext. 2502

Rick Lubbe

Visual Arts

ext. 2803

Alison Siggard

Drama Director

ext. 2407

David Pruitt

Visual Arts

ext. 2508

World Languages

Morena DeLaRoca

ext. 2219

Lincoln Esplin

ext. 2225

Toni Drewry

ext. 2117

Camille Gonzales

ext. 2224

Daisy Vargas-Gonzalez

ext. 2222

Special Education

Linda Billings

ext. 2602

John Britt

ext. 2711

Alekka Jackson

ext. 2720

Susan Gonzalez

ext. 2715

Amanda Wright

ext. 2717

Kevin Dodge

ext. 2721

LaMarche Mosley

ext. 2217

John Ivers

ext. 2212

Debbie McCall

ext. 2712

Michael Sluder-Brehm

ext. 2606

Chris Watkins

ext. 2713

Daniel Krieg

ext. 2712

Melanie Taylor

ext. 2605

Continuation Education

Steve Lohmeyer

ext. 2710

Steven Kalinich


ext. 2505

Kathy LaMay

ext. 2601