Creative Drama


Creative Drama at Avoca West is part of the Creative Arts & Sciences classes in which students work together to bring stories to life. Students in 1-5 grade receive 1 hour of drama instruction each week. Kindergarteners have an hour of Drama per week for a 12 week rotation during the year.

My teaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that the necessary ingredients for Drama exist in all humans - especially children. Creative Drama blossoms from children’s natural desire to play, imagine, pretend, hear stories, be heard, and be creative. Every child has strengths they bring to Drama class and each all are necessary to creating and learning together. In class, I see students as the artists and myself as the facilitator as we enact and reflect on stories and human experience.

~Mrs. Bowman

We must all do theatre, to find out who we are, and discover who we could become.

~Augusto Boal